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10 things you should never say to a woman.

10 things you should never say to a woman.

10 things you should never say to a woman.
From the time when it was just Adam and Eve, Adam knew very well not to make Eve mad. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man, or even another woman, for that matter, should never, under no circumstances, make any move that will make a woman angry or upset.
Women are sensitive beings and…well, extremely emotional ones too.
Here is an ultimate guide as to what you shouldn’t say to and/or ask a woman:
1. “Did you gain a few pounds?” – This is a no-brainer. Don’t ever say the f word to a woman – FAT.
Women are excessively conscious about how they look and if anyone passes negative comments regarding their weight, it simply either breaks them or – chances are, parts of you will end up broken too.
2. “Are you going to eat all that?” – As indicated previously. Anything even slightly suggesting that the woman has put on weight or is fat is a definite NO.
3. “I need my space” – Women are loving creatures. Maybe possessive is a more appropriate word – not bad possessive though, they like to be the only thing around the person they love. So telling them that you need YOUR space and indicating that their presence is somehow smothering you is plain idiocy. Cherish the love and affection she shows…she might just not be around for long.
4. “I don’t care” – When and if she asks for your opinion, be there for her. Telling her you don’t care where you guys should eat or what dress she should buy translates to you telling her you’re not interested in contributing to the
relationship. Yes, THAT’S where it goes.
5. “Your friend is hot” – Refer to point 1. The extent to which women are conscious about their physical appearance cannot be stressed enough. Don’t ever compare her to another girl. Even though you might just be appreciating her friend’s good looks, she’s going to take it the wrong way and get offended. Women are complex… DON’T say that to her!
6. “That time of the month, huh?” – Do you have a death wish? If not, refrain from saying anything as such. Don’t joke about her being on her period. It’s wrong. Her body is already under so much pain and stress, you being funny about it won’t be well received. Be understanding and when she asks for chocolate, GET HER CHOCOLATE – don’t make her ask twice.
7. “You look older than your age” – Or any variation thereof. Have we not made our point clear? Don’t say anything that she might decrypt as “you’re ugly”. That’s a long list.
8. “It’s MY money” – (Husbands) should never blurt that out to their wife. She knows you earn and bring home the money…but she will not stand being told that. It just shows that you don’t appreciate all the hard work she put into both your lives and making the marriage work. (Take notes. She’ll use these words).
9. “Calm down” – Know that this will almost always have the opposite effect. She is going to be mad, oh she’s going to be crazy mad.
10. “I love your body” – “What about my soul?”. Yes, what ABOUT it? You know her body is not going to stay like that forever…so complimenting that will only get you so far. Don’t ever compliment just a part of her. You love all of her…right? Right.

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