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5 Myths Men Have About Women

5 Myths Men Have About Women

Today I am going to give you five myths that a lot of men believe are true. After knowing the truth, you’ll get a clearer insight into the female mind, hopefully.

Myth #1 : Hot women are harder to get

Its only created in your mind. You presumed that because she’s hot she’s going to go for men who are equally as hot or who are very successful. You think in your mind that she’s going to be very bitchy and really put you down as soon as you will approach her.

What happens is a lot of very stunning women out there not approached, people stare at them but they don’t approach them. They think, maybe I’m not pretty enough to approach that pretty woman. You have to just expel completely this myth that hot women are more difficult to get. It’s not true rather they get approached a lot less.

More importantly I want you to look at the reasons for why you hold this belief. It’s probably a way through you to stop approaching beautiful women. It’s an excuse and you create a lot of things like, “this person in a bad mood, this person looks like nothing in common, this person looks like they’re too intelligent or they’re not intelligent etc.” We find a range of excuses and we are very good at it. Go and speak to her and not to fill your head with excuses and limitations. Check out the video to find out, how to trigger her sexual hot button

Myth# 2:  Women go for wealthy guys

It is not true either. Wealthy guys don’t actually attract that many women usually guys believe. Actually women are trying to ascertain confidence and strength. Strength of character. They also try to see if the guy is unapologetic for his actions and goals. She wants consistency which a lot of wealthy men don’t possess. It’s not wealth rather consistency, certainty, strength and confidence are four core values what women want when in an interaction with a guy.

Wealth is usually indicative of success. Success is usually indicative of confidence so it’s a presumption that the wealthy guys have confidence but it’s simply not true.

Myth # 3: Women will ultimately go for their type

Yes, it’s true that women have an initial type and their eyes are drawn to a certain guy. They might have types, might prefer black guys, might prefer older guys, white guys, rich guys, poor guys. All this is initial stuff and you can’t let it limit. You can’t say that’s her type, presuming that her type and thinking “I’ve got no chance.” If you really want to dig deep into the girl’s mind and wish to know what is going on her mind right now, I recommend you to check this useful video about how to make her fall in love with you even if she doesn’t want to.

Myth # 4: All women want guys to agree with them

It’s not the case at all, a lot of guys will bend their own reality in accordance with her because they’ve been told and fed this myth long enough that you have to agree with the woman if you want to sleep with her. No woman ever said that, “I just had to keep that guy as he agreed every point.”

When you start agree with everything she says, concealing your identity, concealing your opinions, your points of view then you go into a nice-guy territory. Nice guys don’t get laid, nice guys carry shopping bags for the girl but they don’t get laid and the nice guy is a very bland experience so stop trying to agree with everything she says.

You’re also going to stop limiting yourself while trying to find commonalities. Stop trying to work out if she likes the same things as you do, if you both like the same kinds of movies, if you both like to visit the same places. These are totally irrelevant rather to find emotional connection with your passions and start talking about your desires, talk about your goals, what you do, why you choose things and so on. Those are so much more meaningful stronger connection rather than just finding commonalities that you agree upon.

Myth #5: Women want commitment

It’s a slightly ambiguous but yes women want commitment but later on.  Don’t be like a guy who thinks, “I am like the full package, ready to go, I want a relationship.” And guys think that if they act like that then surely she’s going to be interested now and he’s a perfect boyfriend material.

But unlikely this doesn’t work out like that. Women like a challenge. A guy that state he wants to go for a relationship, makes woman feel like if she say YES, then she’s just going to be that comfortable pair of slippers he’s been longing to own for ages. Women don’t want to be the comfortable pair of slippers. It could have been any girl if he’s looking for a girlfriend. He’s just got a position open and he’s looking for it to be filled by like anybody that’s not very romantic.

Women want the guy who’s kind of may be open to the idea of finding a girlfriend, settling down one day but he’s not handing it to them on a plate. He would have to work for it, would have to prove it.

So please guys do not do this, it’s such a turn off, do not sit there with the girl on date number 3, telling her how you want to get into a serious relationship with her. Whether it’s with her or you’re just talking about in general, just don’t do it because then she feel like it’s not a challenge. You might think, this is fucking psychotic, “Why do we have to play these games instead of saying our intentions right at the beginning.” But remember, If you don’t follow the rules you’re not going to get a relationship.

Yes, you can conceal that you are one of those guys who one day would like to settle down and have kids but not in a rush to do. That’s very attracted to women. She thinks like, “I’m going to get him, I want that one yeah!” Women always appreciate what they have to work for more than that is handed to them in the plate.


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