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Dating in College: Do’s and Dont’s

Dating in College: Do’s and Dont’s

School comes not just studying for tests, but also the prospect of love. But college makes for a very different dating scene than high school, and I don’t want any of you entering this new world unprepared. So here I’ll be presenting few tips and guidance to you throughout this article.

First, where do you look? Should you stick to class or give bars and frat parties a chance?  A psychology major student in Austin, provides some guidance in this area.

“If you’re talking about a real relationship, I’d say try and meet somebody in a class, try and meet somebody at, maybe not a place that solely revolves around hooking up, getting drunk, partying, I think, because its classic, ‘if you lie down with the dogs, you pick up the fleas.’ The people you hang out with and the places you meet people reflect a lot about who they are.”

Now let’s say you actually meet someone. How do you transition into the first date? Another college student gives the following advice:

“I would say the most important thing is avoid the games. It’s complete B.S. the whole, ‘I’ll call you, and then I’m going to wait three days to do the second phone call, and then another seven days before I reply to ever ask you out.’ I hate that and I think all girls hate that. So, send us a reply and, not necessarily 30 seconds after I send it, but within the same day. And if you can avoid those games, I think girls will take you a lot seriously…”

Of course many of the guys reading this are probably just waiting to find some advice on how to rev up the physical side of a relationship.

I really think that depends on the girl. And the way you figure it out is having open communication from the beginning, so kind of seeing like, ‘hey, you know, I want to try this thing and, you know, would you feel comfortable doing that?’ It sounds very scripted, but I think that would be a lot better than putting it in her butt then figuring out she actually really hates that. So I would say that would be kind of the best way to go, because some girls do want to do things, and are curious, but they don’t want to seem like sluts.

But not so fast. Rushing that part of the relationship isn’t necessarily the best idea. I think that holding off on the physical part of a relationship can only lead to good things because you get to learn about somebody without having the physical part sway your opinion. Because once girls reach a certain point it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh! I like, I love you, like love me, like…”

You can think that you really like a girl and then once you, you know, have sex, it’s just like, okay, well , what else? And girls need to know that. Like that’s how guys think, like once you reach a certain point it’s like okay, well all right. See you later. That’s just how it goes. So even if they like you a lot, that’s guys are all a lot really about the chase.

Here is the sum up the best of points for you. This is going to sound cliché, but girls really just want the guy to be honest with them. They never mentioned wanting a fancy car with spinning rims or apartment with an awesome collection on liquor bottles. So focus on that, be yourself, communicate openly and good luck.

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