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Dressing up for a first date.

Dressing up for a first date.

He has asked you out; which means he obviously found you attractive! But that does not, in any way, mean you are now allowed to be lazy and dress up shabbily (you can’t do that unless you two are so deep in the relationship that there is no going back! JK). It’s the first date and you gotta bring your A game – don’t panic though. Your goals of making him swoon are attainable and manageable still; provided you abide by some rules:

  • Dress up according to the venue of the date – You don’t want to be either over-dressed or under-dressed. For instance, a guy who wears a tux to the club is a big no. Similarly, you can’t wear the fancy gown, the one you wore to the prom, to the club or the cafe. (it really is a no brainer) Tip: A knee high dress is your best bet, for ALMOST all venues.
  • Almost as in… – If he’s planning to take you to the carnival or a “nothing-serious” daytime coffee date, put on a pair of your comfy jeans with your prettiest, most trendy blouse, maybe? The trick is to look effortlessly cool yet gorgeous! Tip: At such events, you also shouldn’t go overboard with the makeup. Keep it subtle and beautiful.
  • Wear a dress that is tight enough to show you are a woman but loose enough to show you are a lady” – Aah Marilyn! Wearing loose and baggy clothes can make you look like a hobo or a tomboy (not sure if men dig that). On the other hand, if your dress is a little too tight, you are more likely to come off as a skank or a loose woman. In short, keep it classy yet sexy. Don’t go to either extreme. There is no denying the fact that those sexy curves of yours are to be flaunted, however, you gotta look presentable.
  • Colors, colors, colors! – Wear the colors that you are most complimented on. As a general rule, Summer translates to rather vivid, bold colors like pinks, orange, blue, turquoise, green, lime, neon yellow, coral, lavender etc. In Winter, colors that are toned and muted stand out; browns, maroons, dark reds, burgundy, dark purples and different shades of gray (please excuse the pun, in all honesty, it was not intended). Icy tones instead of pastels are also preferred. Also, subdued tones like beige, orange and gold are to be avoided. Still, I will stand by my view that you MUST only choose colors that suit you (whilst still respecting the season).
  • Comfort is key – Let’s face it, the last thing you want is to be seen fidgeting with your dress while seated with your date in a romantic setting. Therefore, you ought to wear clothes that are comfortable. Tip: Simply put, don’t wear anything you cannot manage to sit in, walk in, or eat in!
  • Too caked up? – Okay now you’ve picked out the outfit you’ll be donning tonight (phew, long 80 minutes they were, huh?) you must now move on to working on the more heightened portion of your being; the face. Remember, how you wear make up can entirely make or break your look. It is really all about the balance. Don’t over do it, don’t under do it. You want to show him that tonight meant something to you and you took the time to get out of your bed and doll up for him, but at the same time you don’t want to look like you have low esteem or that you need layers of foundation to cover your flaws. You never know, he might just adore those freckles you loathe.
  • Accessorize – Because the little things only complete your look. Bags, purses, clutches, necklaces, earrings, belts, sunglasses etc also need your attention and must be worn with an appropriate outfit.
  • Shoes – You can wear heels (the COMFORTABLE ones) when you’ve dressed up, or casual pumps when you’re taking it easy!

Be your beautiful self and have a lovely first date! And then a second one…and then a third one…and so on! 😉

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