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Reasons Why Most Men Leave Relationships

Reasons Why Most Men Leave Relationships

When you start off in a relationship, the future looks rosy and you imagine a lifetime of unceasing contentment and bliss with one you love so much. The very concept of relationship issues might appear to be alien to you and you trust that you have found the right partner. Nonetheless, over the long haul, the truth of relationship problems starts to hit you. You quarrel for little things and things that would have been easy to handle earlier, now turn to become a major irritant. Obviously, your relationship has hit troubled waters.

All relationships do have issues or the other, and these problems can be managed. However, there are times when your actions can break your delicate relationship and can prompt to the bond being broken, at times even beyond reconciliation.

There are different reasons that may be offered with respect to why most men leave relationships and at times these relationships are those ones that can be categorized as blissful without a doubt. So why would men leave that kind of a relationship or some other relationship for that matter?

These reasons may rotate around his inward needs, clashes and aspirations and not really have anything to do with the woman. These individual factors play a more significant part in why men often leave relationships and the other reasons can be adduced to originate from the woman and different external factors.

The reasons below are those that deal with the man’s often personal reasons for leaving a relationship.

Has not gotten Over a Past Relationship

This is presumably a major issue with some men that might have been deeply involved in a past cherishing relationship they thought to be perfect for certain reasons but which unfortunately came to an end. The dreams, memories and longings of such a relationship may still be lingering with them and whenever they are in another relationship they always wish they could re-institute that same experiences in the new relationship.

The Fear of Commitment

Once more, a very good reason behind why men often leave relationships is because of their own fear of commitment to someone else. They value their freedom so much that they are not prepared to give it up for any reason and for nobody for that matter.

This fear of commitment makes most men feel that they would be losing the adventure, freedom and excitement of being all alone.

Has Concept of an Idealized Perfect Partner

A lot of men out there have their secret fantasies about the perfect woman they need in their lives and always pay attention to these qualities in the woman they are often with. He trusts that this woman ought not to criticize his action and should not make too much demands of him. He longs for a partner who will give unconditionally and satisfy his needs at all cost.

Clingy, Demanding and Emotional Unstable Partners

Men in general do not like women who are arrogant and over demanding. Despite the fact that men cherish women who are free and confident in themselves, they feel used when a woman attempts to or assumes control of the relationship. This sort of emotional distress can so easily make the man to think of leaving that relationship.

Loss of Attraction

Off all the points stated above, I would personally say this is the single most essential reason behind why most men leave relationships. It is the attraction that is the starting point of the relationship and basically, it holds the retaining power in the relationship.

Once the attraction is there in the relationship, there is no measure of water can sink that ship; together they will simply weather the storm. However, when the attraction dies in a relationship (not really the love), and the man no longer feels that profound level of attraction toward the woman, then the entire relationship turns out to be more of work(a task to achieve) rather than an experience to embark upon.

In conclusion some of the reasons why men leave a relationship may differ however the above is a certain list to consider and take necessary actions to help our relationships become stronger and more endearing.

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