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The Problem with Losing Weight

The Problem with Losing Weight

Most people are more concerned with their health and fitness than ever before and when they are asked about their goals, losing weight is typically at or close to the top of the list. Since a large number of people are concerned with their health and actively attempting to lose weight, you would think the percentage of overweight individuals would be decreasing, but rather the rate of obesity is still as high as ever. There are numerous reasons for this; however one problem is that people generally concentrate on losing weight, when they ought to be focused on losing fat.

You may be thinking that losing weight and losing fat is basically the same thing, but while they are similar, they are surely not the same. As you probably get to know that losing fat implies reducing the amount of fat stored in your body, while losing weight implies decreasing the amount of any number of substances in your body water, fat, bone, muscle, etc. a lot which you don’t want to lose. Despite the fact that people primarily use the phrase “losing weight,” they quite often really mean losing fat.

It makes sense to think in terms of losing weight as opposed to losing fat, because weight loss is anything but difficult to keep track of using only a scale, which most people already own. Monitoring your body fat ratio is significantly more difficult and requires extra equipment and testing. Also, some body fat tests are not very precise and the ones that are reliable can be expensive, tedious, and/ or will need a trained person to administer them.

Another major reason why people contemplate primarily about losing weight is because the concept of weight loss is simpler than the concept of loosing fat. Weight reduction involves a decrease or an increase  in a single number weight, while losing fat is most measured in terms of a percentage {body fat}, which is not numerically as meaningful to vast majority. Of course, society plays most roles as well, with practically every media source talking about the term weight loss more frequently than making mention of fat loss.

Making mention of the term weight loss rather than losing fat might sound like just a minor difference in vocabulary; however this apparently small variation can majorly affect your ability to lose fat. The main problem is people comprehend that losing weight is different than losing fat, yet they still assume that when they lose weight, all or at least most of the weight been lost are from fat. Therefore, it creates the mindset in people that weight loss is equals fat loss.

By just being concerned with losing weight, people don’t have to stress over having a well-rounded health and fitness program, which then causes them to become overly focused on doing whatsoever they can in order to lose weight. This attempt has caused so many individuals to follow ineffectively designed weight loss programs that only bring about short-term weight loss or yo-yo dieting, which often actually prompt to increases in body fat percentage over time.

Adopting this well-balanced approach may not bring about as much weight loss as a program designed just to make you lose weight, however this slower approach will bring about you losing a higher percentage and most likely even a higher total amount of body fat. In addition, since this approach helps you keep up more of your good weight muscle, etc., you will be able to maintain your fat loss and keep losing even more fat in the future.

Then again, programs that only concentrate on losing weight generally end up sacrificing elements that are crucial to long-term success and general health. Numerous weight loss programs do not provide enough calories or nutrients to keep up your metabolic rate, daily recovery ability, and immune system function. Eventually your progress will stop and your body will basically shut down until you change to healthier eating and exercise habits.

However, once you go off the weight loss program, you will most likely gain much or all of the weight back, regardless of the possibility that you start eating right and exercising. This is because the previous weight loss was not quality fat loss and these sorts of weight losses are not able to be maintained under normal circumstances. Eventually, the only weight loss that actually matters is fat loss and the issue with just attempting to lose weight is that it usually results in losing the wrong type of weight, which eventually hurts your ability to accomplish long-term fat loss.

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