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The Ultimate Guide to Blind Dating

The Ultimate Guide to Blind Dating

A blind date is meeting someone you have never met before for the purpose of dating. It is often our friends who think we are a perfect match for someone they know. They arrange for our meeting and we land up to meet someone we don’t know, someone we call our blind date.
A blind date is like any other date except that you don’t have the slightest clue about him. So you need to be extra careful about everything. Men and women should be extra polite and put their best foot forward. There are more things to keep in mind to make your blind date successful.
There are people who love to play cupid when it comes to love. They enjoy starting a new relationship through arranged dates. Many people experience blind dating in search for adventure, and others in search for the love of their life. However, as simple as it may seem, not all people find blind dating easy. Even if they planned the blind date well, there could always be some unexpected events that could occur. Remember, this is the very first time you will meet a person. You will both have to adjust to each other’s personalities within the interim of the dating period.
Some people who are confident go on blind dates without apprehensions, because they can easily get along well with any type of person. This is highly enjoyable for those adventurous people who can handle difficult situations.
The following tips will greatly help.
1. Plan on Where to have the Date: What sort of date do you prefer? Do you wish to go for a formal dinner date or something cheerful and light, for example, a stroll in the park or along the beach? If you prefer the former, then you can plan the date on a restaurant of your choice. You can make reservation days before the date if the spot is constantly packed in order to have a table for two during the date and not to wait in line outside for an empty table. Planning a successful blind date begins with the place on where to have the date. But if you prefer an informal date, then you can choose to have a picnic in the park or see a movie. You can also attempt the new bowling alley near your place.
2. Be Punctual: It’s a given that girls arrive somewhat later during dates however an hour or even a 30-minute late is no more decent. You need to make a good impression with your date and arriving late will surely not reflect a positive feedback. Impress your date by arriving on time and you will have a successful blind date. It will imply that you are not being a prima donna as the other girls are. Guys will without a doubt take notice of that.
3: Be Interesting: Everybody has some unique stories, interests or activities and people like to hear about these topics. Before you proceed to the date, brainstorm all the things that you are interested in. Your date will surely ask some questions about yourself and your interests. So, prepare yourself accordingly so that you can answer some great things. Remember one thing, the first impression is considered to be the best impression. Therefore, what you will choose to portray about yourself will define your personality.
4. Keep the Conversation Flowing: Try to keep the conversation flowing during the date. It doesn’t mean though that you have to monopolize the conversation all throughout the date. Give him time to talk as well. If you can’t think of anything to say then try to crack a joke so as to break the silence. Jokes can also help your date loosen up a bit if he’s a little nervous. Refrain from talking about matters that are too serious. Keep the topic light and fun and you will have the successful blind date you’ve been wishing for.
5. Value his Effort: After the date, keep it in mind to thank the guy for his time. Thanking him will mean that you value his effort. Guys like girls who are appreciative. Your appreciation will not escape his notice and who knows? You might even get another date invitation from him.
In conclusion, the idea of going on a blind date doesn’t have to put your nerves on end. Preparing yourself ahead of time and getting a little bit of information can help ease some of the nerves. Once you’ve wrapped your head around the fact that you actually doing something that you said you’d never do, you can move on to the next phase. There are a lot of things that you can do to make your blind date, your best date. So, get all of the information that you can and make the best of an unpredictable night.

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