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Top 11 things a man looks for in the woman of his dreams.

Top 11 things a man looks for in the woman of his dreams.

In almost all failed marriages or failed relationships, women often wonder where they went wrong. They read all the Cosmopolitan they can, yet to no avail. The thought constantly upsets them; to a point where it drives them toward paranoia. Were they not pretty enough? Were they too demanding? Were they too controlling? What exactly was it that drove their man away? Well once all is said and done, it is really anybody’s guess. However, you can prevent it from happening again the next time you get into a commitment. Here is a list of the top 11 things men want from their women/top 11 traits men look for in women:

  1. Support– Men love a woman who supports them in their endeavors and is by their side through thick and thin. This is a trait desirable to all, of course. In a healthy relationship, both partners act as a support system to one another. Let him know you have his back, no matter what happens.
  2. Caring nature– Studies revealed that men don’t mature until they’re around 43. By comparison, the average age at which women mature is 11 years earlier, at the age 32, that is. Having said that, men absolutely love being looked after. Ever heard a woman who had 2 children saying she has 3 babies? Now you know why. Jokes apart, a woman who cares for her man’s well being (both physical, mental and spiritual) is a keeper.
  3. Have respect for his personal space– Allow him to indulge himself in some “guy” time. Sure he loves having you around but sometimes, men tend to have a certain desire for being either by themselves or with their male companions – let them.
  4. Subservient– Men absolutely hate a woman who controls them and tries to monitor or control their every move. Being bossy and being on his back 24/7 is only going to drive him away. Men are naturally, genetically designed to dominate women, and anything that goes against nature ends badly. It is not necessary he should DOMINATE you, but in any case, YOU shouldn’t wear the pants in the relationship. Instead, show him the affection YOU crave for yourself.
  5. Understanding– Women need to be able to empathize with their partners, just like they expect from them. Men love a woman who they can openly talk to and open up. What good is coming home to their understanding partner when even then they have to swallow their emotions? Allow him to show you his sensitive, vulnerable side and let him know that it is okay if at some time in life he doesn’t have it all together. Let him know he has you.
  6. Comforting– No matter how much of a facade he puts on, men need some ways to vent out. What better than having a comforting, understanding partner to come home to and just have a heart to heart?
  7. Lucidity– Stop dropping hints and expecting him to just “get the message”! Men don’t work like that. They cannot read your mind, no matter how much you think you have them trained. Most men are not as intuitive as we’d like them to be, believe you me. But that’s just how it is supposed to be!
  8. Keep it drama free– A woman who is drama free is far more likely to have a successful relationship than a woman who complains, sulks and whines! Let there be peace in your relationship by nagging less and communicating more.
  9. Be appreciative– Be his cheerleader and acknowledge and appreciate  his accomplishments. Let him know you believe in him and that he is capable of doing and achieving just about anything. A man feels the strongest when his woman affirms his strength.
  10. Respect– Any healthy relationship is based on respect. And there are a good hundred ways you can show him respect in your day to day life. The most imperative of ways may be through your words and how you let them out. This means your communication with him gives him a good idea of where he stands in your life.
  11. Be there for him…sexually– Lastly, don’t ever tell him off when he wants to heat things up in the bedroom with you. As much as we’d like to deny the notion, it is true that sex drives men. Men want to feel needed and need to feel wanted. (pfft, and they say women are complex). In fact, studies show that men feel aroused most when women initiate sex! So make the first move and show him how you prioritize rockin’ his world!

Even though there is no denying the fact that men are visual beings and fall in love with a woman’s physical beauty, he still wants more from his woman than just good looks. Be everything he wants so that he doesn’t have to look elsewhere to be understood, cared for, respected, or satisfied sexually.

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