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What Men Truly Find Beautiful In A Woman

What Men Truly Find Beautiful In A Woman

Today I’m going to be telling about what is that men truly find beautiful in a woman and how you can radiate this beauty in every single interaction. In our society both men and women have become absolutely obsessed with this idea that beauty is only in the form of boobs, make up, fake hair, skinny outfits and so on. The idea of perfection of your beauty has been stolen from all of us by the media, by advertising and by bad female role models.

Beauty in its most raw form actually doesn’t include any of those things and if a woman is missing one key ingredient that is mentioned later in this article, then none of those other superficial things that I just mentioned will help you anyways. And if you have this key ingredient then none of those things will be necessary in order to be beautiful.

The one thing men find most beautiful in woman is her feminine presence. What do you think about when I say the word feminine, probably you think of softness, elegance, charm and grace which all of those things are synonyms of beauty. Therefore beauty equals femininity and from a man’s perspective a dominant confident man wants a woman in his life to complement him into balance him in his masculinity. He wants a woman who can soften him to be able to round out his edges and just as you are attracted to a masculine dominant man on a very deep biological level, men are mostly attracted to a feminine woman, the same way as the moon to the sun, the hot to the cold, the light to the dark, Democrat to the Republican, toothpaste to the bad taste you get after drinking orange juice. I hope you get the idea, yin yang is masculinity to femininity. Both are necessary for one to exist. If you’re dating a man, he’s going to discover a deep sense of beauty if you have a strong feminine presence. Look at it this way just as much as you are not attracted to a feminine man, they are rarely attracted to masculine women.

So here lies the 21st century female dating dilemma in order for a woman to have a successful career and be just as powerful as her male counterparts. She’s got to learn how to be able to tap into that masculine dominant side, I mean it’s how you get ahead in this world, in this society and women have been making huge strides
This is all a very good thing but here is the dilemma if a woman isn’t also able to tap back into that feminine presence in her dating life then the only men that she’s going to attract will be beta males and probably not the kind of guys that you want. If a woman wants to attract that dominant take charge alpha male then she have to learn how to systematically reconnect with her feminine side.

For example, let the man lead on the date. Now when a lot of women hear this advice they think that it takes away power from a woman when they’re out on dating. I totally disagree, take a step back, let the man take you through the night if he does a great job you can see him again, if he doesn’t do a great job move on to the next guy. You are always in power, let him lead the night and see how he does.

Also remember that body language is everything. Body language is not only your physicality but it’s also your voice tonality. Avoid crossing your arms too much, remember to smile, be open and slow down your movements a little bit. Remember we talked about grace, lower the tone of voice and feel free to slow it down. When you speak that’s how you can be able to display that feminine presence.

Finally make your men feel needed. I’ll be the first to admit it as a man. They need women, they need you in our lives. You know when you work, sure you can handle everything that comes your way but when it comes to dating, ask him to come over and put together the cable box. Let him drive if he wants to drive, let him pay on that first date, let him be a man, let him lead because the more you let him unleash his own masculinity, let him be that dominant take-charge guy, more you’ll be able to tap into your own femininity.

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