How To Get The Best Out Your School Lectures

What you are about to read is an advice from a dean of a university and it can change the way you approach your school lectures. So what is it? Read before going to class. Most of the times you will know the next topic a lecturer to be discussed in the class. You should seize the opportunity study the […]

4 Techniques To Improve Your Charisma

Starting a conversation can become a very complex task. Sometimes, after the greeting, our minds go blank and we don’t know how to continue. So it is important that you know how to make people like you more. Either because you are shy or because you feel a little insecurity around who you are talking to; projecting a good image […]

How To Master Your Mind

At key moments we must be able to reach our maximum concentration, but if we are not prepared, the ideas in our minds will seem like a swarm of bees and focusing on something will be impossible. It is not innovative to say that people with higher concentration are more productive and this gives them more chances of achieving success.  […]

13 Traits Parent Of Success Children Has

Parents are the first model that children will copy. If a child sees his father acting badly; very surely, the child will act badly. So if you are a parent, or you want to educate a child in the best way; It is important that you know what parents of successful children have in common.  Rachell Gillett and Drake Baer, ​​columnists […]