4 Simple Factors That Will Change Your Life Forever.

In this article, you will learn 4 ways to change your life forever and be able to achieve the results that you have been looking for.

Also, I will share some wonderful tips about sleep and how it can greatly improve your life.

As humans…

We want to know the magic formula to achieve success and if that was not enough:

We yearn to find the road to the easy way that leads to success.

This is because the media show us people becoming millionaires in 1-hour programs and young people that make a lot of money.

Don’t let such results cloud the process these went through.

No one reaches the top overnight. 

Everyone took a series of steps, prepared, risked, fell, got up and learned.

Although the paths of each successful person are different, common factors can be identified.

And knowing these factors could help us change our lives forever and of course reach our goals. 

Do you want to know what these factors are?

Tim Ferriss defines these factors in common as “tools.” 

Tim is known worldwide for being a successful entrepreneur, advisor, and investor in companies such as Facebook, Uber, Evernote, among others.

He is also a writer of multiple books, including the bestseller entitled The 4 Hour Work Week and his latest book Tools of the Titans.

Those “tools” that he has compiled in his book are the result of hundreds of interviews with successful people (123 to be exact), from different fields. 

Among such people are Chris Sacca, Tony Robbins, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

So let’s get started.

4 things you must learn to change your life forever.

1. Invest In Yourself.

If the target is to meet our goals, we should not hesitate to think that we are the most important “asset”. 

So if we invest in ourselves, surely there will be a good return on investment.

When Tim asked Tony Robbins what his best investment had been, the answer was simple: “$35 for a 3-hour Jim Rohn seminar.”

Warren Buffett’s response was similar: “A talk given by Dale Carnegie.” 

For those who don’t know him, Dale is known for being the author of the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Here comes the second factor…

2. Be Consistent. 

This advice is so simple and so obvious that very few give it the necessary attention or actually apply it.

If we want to build a wall, we will never finish if we stop putting bricks in the middle. 

Or if we want to take care of our plants, we cannot stop watering them.

Just think about it, Arnold Schwarzenegger wouldn’t have gotten the body he had if he had stopped going to the gym.

We acquire knowledge and then we take action, which is excellent; but we cannot forget that taking action once is of no use if we do not do it constantly.

Now the third.

3. Have Morning Routines.

It is not coincident that many successful people have routines. 

According to Tim, 80% of his interviewees use some form of meditation in the mornings. 

There are many routines, the important thing is to know why they are good for you.

It is no surprise to anyone that small victories create a “momentum”, an impulse. 

For example, if you are a soccer player and with your team, you have won 3 consecutive games and a winning streak is created that is difficult to stop.

The principle is the same.

What we are looking for is that we start the morning “winning” to boost ourselves and have an excellent day.

Tim gives us an example. 

Get up, make our bed, meditate, exercise, have good tea and read a little. 

These simple actions will nourish our body and our mind and serve as an entrance to start an excellent day.

This allows you to:

  • Define good rules to apply when making decisions. They ask good questions, so they find good answers.
  • Plan for the long term and manage resources well.
  • Be resilient, endure and overcome disasters and difficulties.

And lastly, the fourth.

4. Take Action.

According to Naval Ravikant, CEO and co-founder of AngelList

We face different situations every day, from the simplest to the most complex; and we only have 3 options.

Naval has invested in more than 100 companies, including Twitter, Uber, and Yammer.

In any situation, we only have 3 options: We can change, accept or leave

What is not right is to sit down and hope it changes and don’t take action.

That is the problem, that aversion, the culprit of much of our misery. 

The word I probably use most inside my head is: I accept. ” Naval says.

Let’s not expect things to happen, let’s take action.

With that, we have come to the end of the 4 things you need to change your life for the better. However, I’ve got a nice bonus for you.

Why sleeping 6 hours is as bad as not sleeping at all.

As you already know, not getting enough sleep is not only harmful to your health, but also to your productivity. 

Several studies have shown how harmful it can be to sleep 6 hours for several days in a row.

The sleep deprivation study published by the Sleep Journal analyzed the physical and cognitive functions of 48 individuals after sleeping 4, 6 and 8 hours for two weeks. 

Additionally, some participants were completely deprived of sleep for two days.

Here are the consequences of sleeping 6 hours a day.

What happened? 

Those who slept 6 hours worked at the same capacity as those who were completely deprived of sleep. 

The surprise of this result is that people who slept 6 hours were convinced that their performance was perfectly normal.

During their stay in the laboratory, each test subject performed cognitive and reaction time analyzes every 2 hours. 

They also answered questions about their mood and symptoms they were experiencing.

Logically, those individuals who had the possibility of sleeping 8 hours a night had the highest performance averages. 

Those with 6 hours of sleep worsened as the days went by.

This same group, at the end of the study, presented similar results as those that were not allowed to sleep at all.

One of the most alarming results is that the group that slept 6 hours never felt that lack of sleep was affecting them. 

They claimed that they had not slept badly and did not realize that their cognitive ability was slowly decreasing.

You may be carrying out this routine without realizing that you are not getting enough sleep and even denying that your performance is fine.

Likewise, an investigation by the University of Chicago indicates that people tend to estimate the number of hours they sleep wrongly.

In other words, we ironically believe that we sleep more when it is not true.

You might even add takes before you fall asleep and the times you wake up during the night. 

Not to mention those people who have trouble sleeping.

What can you do to sleep better?

Some tips to get constant and quality sleep are:

  • Set a schedule to go to bed every day. Comply without fail until you make it a habit.
  • Do not expose yourself to any electronic device (phones, tablets, and televisions) half an hour before going to sleep.
  • Limit alcohol intake. Although when you are under the influence of alcohol you can fall asleep easily, it affects the quality and duration of sleep.
  • Do exercise.

Remember that even stress and worries can affect your nights. And if you don’t sleep well, you can’t do your best in the day.


Changing our life forever does not imply that we leave everything we’ve been doing in the past and start a new life. 

It simply requires small steps that positively impact our lives.

In this article, I share 4 simple but important tips for you to start changing your life little by little and eventually get what you want. 

And I gave some tips on how to have better sleep.

I hope you find them useful.