How To Study Smart And Pass JUPEB

let us start this part with a secret. What is the secret to pass JUPEB?

If you want to excel beyond your colleagues in school, start reading your book 2 days before the JUPEB exam.

Why is this a secret? Because most students study a day before the exam.

And if you know that studying 2 days before the exam will give you an edge above your colleagues. How good will you be when you start studying 5 months earlier.

I hope you get the idea.

You can use the method I am about to share in different ways. I have tried my best to share how it worked for me and some of my friends.

This study method is based on 2 important learning techniques, understanding and memorizing.

Number One: Get A Full Understanding Of What You Read

You cannot get the full understanding of a material if you don’t know the basic of what the material is explaining. Some student picks complex textbook thinking that it will make them understand the subject better than their colleague. After few reads, such students find out that they can’t continue reading the book.

So your first action is to get textbooks that explain the basics of subjects you registered for JUPEB.

Number Two: Explain What Ever You Learn To Someone Else

Make the effort to explain that you just read to someone else. It will open your eye to the things you still need to know. It is not a must to explain to your course mate, anybody will do so far you understand the basics.

Take note of the things you still need to know. If you are able to explain to someone what you have read even if it is not perfect, you have understood it. Try and explain the topic to 2 more people to make it stick to your memory.

Number Three: Explain What Ever You Teach Others To Yourself

Do you know how we memorize songs? It is through repetitive listening. When you listen to a song often and often small bits of the song will stay in your memory, and when you listen again another small bit will stay in the memory.

All of that happens without any memorization effort from your end. If you continue, you will learn the song up to the last bit.

You might find it difficult to get someone to explain to, in that case, write what you learn as many times as you would explain to someone. Get different color pens If writing with a single pen seems daunting to you.

Also you can look for a friend to explain what you read to. You can get a friend? Why not explain to any of your sibling? If that too not an option for you, then record yourself as many times as needed and listen to your recordings.

And the idea of listening brings me to the next part on how to pass JUPEB.

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