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Before Applying for JUPEB Many Students will want to know the course they are going to take in relation to their field of studies.This is explained bellow.

Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board(JUPEB), is to conduct examination for students. These students would have undergone training on some required subjects. Students that pass with specific grade marks gain admission into a Nigerian university or a foreign university.

The JUPEB Programme runs for a duration of two Semesters, following which a prosperous JUPEB student will qualify for admission into 200 Level in the University of there choice by Direct Entry. JUPEB Programme enhances all courses to be admitted to the University.
Students soliciting admission into the JUPEB Programme must have at least a minimum of five credits in there ‘O’ Level subjects including English and Mathematics from there SSCE final government exam WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, GCE or any other exam similar to that. Candidate with awaiting results also qualify to apply for the Program. The Program is conducted by the approved JUPEB syllabus contents, which all lessons inside the syllabus are treated within a period of two semesters. JUPEB result is allowed by 90% of Nigerian Universities, both federal, state, or private universities in the country.

ProgrameSubject Combinations
ArtsHistory/Government/Literature in English/Christian Religious Studies (GLCRS), History/Literature/Christian Religious Studies (HLCRS), Economics/Government/Literature in English (EGL).
Social SciencesGeography/Economics/Government/Mathematics (EGM), Economics/Geography/Government (MGE).
Management SciencesCommerce/Accounting/Mathematics/Business Studies (AMB), Mathematics/Accounting/Geography (MAG)
SciencesBiology/Chemistry, Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry,/Biology/Agricultural Science

It is normal for a student aiming to register for JUPEB to ask for available JUPEB courses. Such students will probably want to know if the course they have in mind is available in JUPEB. Or if the course is not available, may be they can pick from the available courses. The good news is that all courses in the university are available in the JUPEB program. You just have to look for the main subjects for the course you want. We have save you the work of looking for the subjects by providing the subjects and equivalent departments that accepts those subjects.

Let’s get started.


If you want to study any arts related course in the university, you can pick from any of these subjects groups:1. Government, Literature in English, CRK, 2. History, Literature, CRK 3. Economics, Government, Literature in English.

Any of the subject groups are available for you to gain admission into any Nigerian Universities Arts department.


The subject combinations for engineering courses is very straight forward. As you must have guessed, the subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

Note that with any department or subject combination you choose, English language will be added to the subjects to make all the subjects 4.


Lawyers are a respected figure in the society.

However, you are not one yet. You are still a potential law student. The JUPEB subject combinations that will make you gain admission into university to study law is: Literature in English, Government, CRK.

You are very close to becoming a law student. Just register for JUPEB now. Study hard to score the required points and gain admission into the university of your choice.

Now is the most important and beginning part of your higher institution life. Make studying hard a part of your daily routine. And I promise you that the you will thank yourself later on in your life.

Studying law is not easy, and no other courses is easy either, but there is nothing you cannot achieve if you put your all into it.

Life Sciences

Like Engineering, anything life science falls under the subject group: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

These 3 subjects were my favorites while I was in secondary school.

The 3 became my favorites because I took their classes serious which made me enjoy each class. And with enjoyment comes love. It is always easy to learn about what you love because most difficult works are difficult because of lack of interest. And with love comes interest.

If you don’t believe that, think about your favorite game or sport. Do you find any difficulty when you learn about the game or sport?

Try and love what you choose. Remember this is part of your future and the effort you put now will never go in vain.

Social Sciences / Management.

There are 3 subject groups for any courses in this department.

You have: 1. Economics, Government, Mathematics. 2. Mathematics, Geography, Economics. 3. Accounting, Economics, Business Studies.

Not everybody likes maths and not everybody believes that maths is difficult, it all depends on your part of view. And as you have read above, the love you have for something is important. Aside being easy for you to learn about what you love. You will easily spend ours doing what you love without even knowing. And the more time you spend on a task, the better you become.

Physical Sciences

If you are the type that hate your physics teacher while in secondary school, I know some of my friends that do, the first 3 letters Phy is enough to chase you away from the physical sciences department.

But kudos to you if you are not so good in physics and you still choose to study a physical science related course at the university. You can be good at physics. It might even turn out to be your best subject if you are willing to treat it as your love. Yes, your love. Spend some time with your physics textbook. Report what you don’t know in it to your physics lecturer like a husband reports his wife to the mother-in-law.

What I am saying is this, invest you time in the subjects you take at the JUPEB center if you want to pass the JUPEB exam with good grades.

There are two subject groups for Physical science related courses in JUPEB. 1 Physics, Mathematics, Geography. 2 Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry. You can see that physics exist in the two subjects. So don’t joke with your physics textbook and class.


A truant secondary school student can guess that biology will be among the required subjects for any of these courses. Yes, biology is there but truancy will not help you in your JUPEB program.

Attend all your classes and have a good timetable to study on your own. Don’t play with any of your subjects. Always remember that some of your secondary school colleagues are already in the university. JUPEB gives you the chance to meet up with them. Don’t waste the chance. Take your chance by studying hard and far.

The required subjects for Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing courses are Biology, Chemistry, Physics.


Because teachers are important people in our society, JUPEB has given the grace to choose from any subject groups all the departments mentioned above.

You know that I am joking right?

If you don’t know, believe it. It is still the same.

You can become a teacher in any department. Just pick the required subject combination for that department. Simple.

That concludes the article on JUPEB course. I hope you have found the course you want and you have known the subject combination. Remember that English will be the fourth subject in all subject combination. Also remember to study as hard as possible, your future self will appreciate it.

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