JUPEB Past Questions

Getting the past question is good but using it effectively is the best thing you should aim for. On this page, we will show you how to get all JUPEB past questions and how to use the questions to pass the exam.

Learn how to use the past questions first before you even attempt to lay your hands on the questions.

How to use JUPEB Past Questions

You can get all JUPEB past questions here for free https://jupeb.edu.ng/past_questions

JUPEB’s past questions are like a blade. You can use it to your advantage but if you don’t handle it the way you should, the blade can cut you.

Solving past questions is a good strategy to prepare for the exam if you know how to use it. And we won’t leave you to chance, since making the JUPEB exam easy for candidates that register with us is one of our paramount objectives, we will help you on how to use past questions to excel in an exam.

Treating Past questions is not a new strategy. It is the secret of many best students. But why do some students complain that past questions don’t work for them? Read on to find tips on how to make past questions your greatest asset in passing exams.

Understand Some Of The Topics In The Textbook

Even if you have not finished the whole textbook on the question subject, having some understandings of the basic topics are needed for the effective usage of past questions to pass JUPEB.

These understandings can also come from class lectures. Just make sure that you are not starting out with paste questions.

Set An Exam-Like Environment

If you know one or two things about the subject and preferably, have a basic understanding of most of the topics the next thing is to put yourself in exam situations while attempting the questions.

Make all efforts to make yourself be in an exam-like situation. Or a situation that will be close to that. That is why you need to have read your books before you use past questions.

I have 2 suggestions for you on how you can create an exam-like situation to study the JUPEB past questions.

One: keep any distractions away from your room and lock yourself inside. Tell your relatives your intension and that they shouldn’t disturb you.

Two: be the first person to enter your school library in the morning so that you can pick the best spot. The spot that will have the least noise and distraction.

Use A Timer

Use a timer. Allocate time for each question. Use the time given to the last question. 

You should abide by all the rules in an exam all while you study the past question. You don’t go out before the allocated time runs out. You don’t pick your phone to chat with a friend.

Finish The Questions Before Looking For The Answers

It is very likely that you will meet questions that you can’t solve. Don’t pick up your textbook and start looking for the answer. Make sure you finish the whole question whether you get the answers right or not.

You are allowed to use exam strategies like moving to simpler questions and coming back later to tricky ones later.

Look For Answers To Questions You Don’t Know How To Solve

After you finish the whole question, you can look at the answers at the end of the questions. Or you can take your textbook to get the answers. Just make sure you correct all the mistakes you make and learn from each mistake.

Learning from the mistakes and what you don’t know earlier is the main use of past questions. So never underestimate the answers you missed.

Practice More Than One Different Past Question

After you finish the first past question and made a correction to your mistakes, take some time to learn from the mistakes. Then practice that same question again until you answer all the questions right.

Move to the next question on that same JUPEB subject. The more questions you solve the higher the chance you will have at scoring high in the exam.

Also, learn more than the solution to the questions missed during your exam.

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