You have heard about many things related to the IJMB program. Or better still, you want to know the reasons why you should go for the program. You will understand why you should go for IJMB in this post. And why IJMB is better than JAMB.

Do you know that most of secondary school students do not know what is meant by A-Level program?

A-Level program means an advanced program, and the most common programs in Nigeria are the IJMB, Cambridge A-Level, JUPEB and NABTEB A-LEVEL.

These programs, will afford a student, the opportunity of gaining admission through the direct entry option into his chosen university to study his career course,enjoying the advantage to start his university education from 200 level.

Dear students you can see that IJMB is worthy alternative to UTME IJMB’s result doesn’t expire like UTME It is a 9 month program moderated and supervised by the Ahmadu Bello University of Zaria.

The exam is usually held in February of each year and the result is published between the end of April or the beginning of May.

IJMB Saves More Time

Now that JAMB does not accept an awaiting result during registration, most of those who leave O-Level do not know A-Level programs.Programs like IJMB or one of the other A-Levels and such students end up ruining the opportunity to apply to IJMB and be admitted into a school with the IJMB result the following year at 200 Level.

And by this means, such students waste their time at home. And that explains the first reason why you should apply for IJMB. Don’t waste your time.

Second, the student’s chances of being admitted at 200 level are greater than those of the JAMB. More than 1.5 million of students compete for admission each year using JAMB.

But with the IJMB, only a few people use it to be accepted. It is much less competitive.

IJMB Gives Higher Chances Of Gaining Admission Into University

If you refuse to enroll in the IJMB program, the chances of you getting admission through JAMB are less than 50%.

But when you write IJMB for the first time (as soon as you finish secondary school), your chances of getting admission is 80%. At least 80% of the people who write IJMB every year use it to be admitted.

Again, the application with the result of IJMB does not automatically prevent it from being applied with JAMB as well.

Therefore, when you have completed your WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB exams and have decided to apply for IJMB, you will have good chance to scoring a good grade and with that, you can get direct entry form and enter the university of your choice.

This does not prevent you from buying the JAMB form as well. So, why you use the IJMB result in one hand, use the JAMB form in another? Although doing that is not necessary but it is an opportunity for you.

You Can Apply To More Than Universities With IJMB

Another point that we must mention here before informing you of the steps to register for the IJMB is that with your direct registration form you can apply to as many universities as you wish.

Up to 6 universities if you buy 3 direct entry forms. Also, this is a matter of choice too. Not all IJMB candidates will need or want 3 direct entry forms.

When you are at 200 level, there is no difference between those who use IJMB and JAMB to be admitted.

IJMB Introduces Students To University Life

IJMB gives you a firsthand experience of life on campus, the hostel and different people from different states, regions and religions.

Parents should start by encouraging their children to go for IJMB before thinking about writing JAMB if they have to write one.

Go to our IJMB registration page to register. We will guide you on all the steps and make sure that you gain admission into a university at the end of the program.

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